Bog-hopping and rock-licking in Scotland

Our crowdfunding campaign has only a few more days to go!  We'd love to make it to £2500 before it ends. If you can helps us out with even a small donation, the link can be found here. We will be so, so grateful for anything we receive.  As you may have seen, we've just… Continue reading Bog-hopping and rock-licking in Scotland


Reaching Out

It really wasn’t all that long ago when the four of us, and a few others besides, were sat around in a friend’s room, trying to decide where we all wanted to go for our upcoming geological mapping projects. A few ideas were suggested and discarded, concerns raised, etc., but eventually Izzy, Camille, Jo and… Continue reading Reaching Out

Planning the trip

An interview to remember

It was for the first application we sent in; our application was still rough around the edges so we thought we might be rejected straight out. But then the email came...we had been invited to interview in front of a panel to justify why our project was better than the others applying. We had a… Continue reading An interview to remember

Planning the trip

Putting the Fun in Funding

'Should I talk about trying to find funding on the blog?' It was a question I had to pose to my team mates at our latest meeting. No one jumped up to answer me. It's the part of the trip that's most uncertain, that we have the least answers to. How can we talk about… Continue reading Putting the Fun in Funding

Planning the trip

Who are we and what is this blog about?

Hi, We are a group of 4 women in our 2nd year of studying Earth Science at Oxford University. Our names are Izzy, Camille, Tamsin and Jo. For our course we have to make a geological map an area of 30 square kilometres between the 4 of us. Excitingly we get to choose anywhere in… Continue reading Who are we and what is this blog about?